Learn how your comment data is processed. Easy and tasty. I have made these numerous times for my family and friends. Thanks, Ngan! Hope your daughter is feeling better . The broth was really tasty (used Eden brand Mirin Rice Cooking Wine). Yes, many traditional Japanese ramen recipes use dashi, but for this simplified version I use chicken stock instead. I followed all the instructions and, when I cracked them open, the whites were still mostly liquid. Love that I can make it without the junk that is many times added by Pho places (like MSG!) I really want to make this. So glad you loved the recipe! This was my first time making homemade Ramen. The rich stock (or even homemade) really does make a difference. I do move away from the recipe slightly by adding a chilli to it for a small kick. Just made this and it was great, do you know how many calories or the basic nutritional info on this meal? Fortunately I tripled your recipe for our family of 7 and it worked out great! Turned out just like the picture and everyone loved it, thanks!! I am always on the hunt for new things to try and food blogs like this one never fail me! Thank you! Glad to hear that your family loved the ramen! Add the soy sauce and mirin, and stir to combine. Thank you!! I tried to get this five stars but it would only let me give two, so I didn’t give any. I’m not sure if you actually made my recipe before deciding to leave this negative review, but as I mention in the post, this is a one hour, weeknight ramen recipe, and does not claim to be rigidly authentic. Thank you, Laura. I couldn’t believe it tasted so close to authentic Japanese ramen. Amazing. I made it for my mom, dad, and little brother and everyone enjoyed it and wanted more. definitely worth the work though. Heather, how much miso did you add to the recipe? Toppings: chopped scallions, shaved carrot, sautéed sweet potato, chopped yellow pepper, sautéed kale, soft boiled eggs, and sliced jalapeño (for grownups). Also added some finely chopped spinach so that I felt I was getting some veg! Maruchan Ramen Creamy Chicken, 0.1875-Ounce Packages (Pack of 24) Visit the Maruchan Store. And you can’t spell “comment” correctly? I’ve made this twice now and am constantly craving it haha. I’m slow in the kitchen and it still only took 1:20. It was solo good will use this over and over ! Super yummy recipe! Lol. Buy Chicken stock instead of broth (or bone broth, which is essentially the same think as stock). Read the ingredient list, and read the comments before cooking. And this looks simple yet delicious! My family and myself are blown away. thanks a lot for the recipe! I want to try this recipe and I just have one question. Bob, this is essentially shoyu ramen, in other words soy sauce ramen. Really good — I used dried porcini because that’s what I had on hand. We finished ours off wish some sriracha instead of jalapenos and it was great for a little kick. Thanks for sharing!!! Then go make chicken noodle soup. All of the flavor in this recipe comes from real ingredients. Sharing this recipe with my friends! You wrote on essay on ramen and threw a little baby fit. Great recipe! Hmmmm… I haven’t had that issue with the dried mushrooms, so I’m not exactly sure. It’s Yolk (not yoke) (Proper way to say your comnent). But call it chicken soup with ramen noodles, please. Could we make it at home? https://dinnerthendessert.com/panda-express-chow-mein-perfect-copycat Only a bit cautious with lots of dairy. It is delicious, I should preface that my kids are adventurous when it comes to food, however this is simple and easy. I made a double batch and it’s almost gone in under an hour. My eggs were perfect for me at 8 minutes. I also add,white miso paste (1-2 tablespoons ) to the broth to make it extra rich. I will make this over and over…sooo good. Ingredients 1 medium onion, thinly sliced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon freshly grated ginger ½ cup rice vinegar, or to taste ½ cup reduced-sodium soy I have made this recipe countless times, and its ALWAYS a hit. They definitely shouldn’t be hard. Instead, it’s a simple weeknight version inspired by the ramen that my husband had many times while visiting his parents in Tokyo. I love this; simple, quick take on Ramen to have at home. Made this for my family and they loved it! Used sesame chili oil for a kick and sauteed yellow onion and red bell peppers too. Great recipe and thanks for sharing. so I will give it a try, using salt-free bouilion powder in place of the cube. At only abot 5 cents a package this is a great deal. I’m glad the rest of the recipe came out delicious, though!! Hi, Rhianne! The only thing I might add next time would be wasabi sprouts (not spicy) or clover sprouts. You ask yourself how you have ever lived before knowing how to make this?! Everyone in the house loves it! I loved this dish so much i went back the next day to get more ingredients for a double batch. I just made this last night and my husband absolutely loved it. Combine soup, chicken and seasoning and heat over medium heat for 5 minutes. Thanks so much, Amanda!! I didn’t realize you were my mother, my mistake. I think it’s decently healthy , Phone won’t show your full review. Love this.. Did it! It always has an oil component that give a richness to the dish, and that is totally absent here. I did leave out the mushrooms as I’m allergic and soft poached an egg in the liquid before putting over the noodles and toppings. Thanks! Even my picky eater of a husband enjoyed it minus the scallions and mushrooms in his bowl. So glad your eggs came out perfect! Left out the mushrooms because my husband doesn’t like them, but otherwise followed the recipe. How did you marinade? I think you may have replied to the wrong comment. i make dumplings as a side and they are hooked. Oh, so glad to hear that! I love how easy and simple it is:) It is very flexible. My husband and I prefer a lot of spice so we did the jalapeño and sriracha paste that someone else suggested and that gave it the kick we needed I loved how visually appetizing this turns out with the garnishes and all. So glad you loved this one as much as we do! I'm Laura, the food-obsessed cook, writer, and photographer behind Fork Knife Swoon, where you'll find mostly sweet, seasonal recipes and stories from my Northern Virginia kitchen. What does bison heart taste like? It’s low in calorie and rich in nutrients. My family wants it every week. Thanks, Chelsey! It was SO good and easy!!! Thank you so much, Shelly!! Added shaved carrots, chopped red and yellow peppers and spinach to broth, as I was combining two recipes that looked good. I love making this with rotisserie chicken too (a lot faster!). Thank you! Just sent it to my BF to make with his 8 yo. Also I didn’t have the Mirin so I used rice vinegar mixed with some brown sugar as a substitue. I did spice mine up by adding about a tablespoon of chili garlic paste (the store bought kind that comes in a little pot). Seeing your responses to comments, you appear both modest and humble? After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Made this last night and am still beside myself. Thank you. What do you think? PS: made the noodles at home with bread flour, baked baking soda and water! . I made this recipe last night for my husband and I. Thank you for this added gift on life! Wonderful, used shrrimp instead of chicken. Thanks, Carlos! Our family is indebted to you! Thank you! MAKE IT SHINE! So happy to hear it was a hit, even your little one! Thank you for sharing this! You never mention where to buy the ramen noodles. This was absolutely delicious. The only thing I didn’t do was the eggs. So did 2 toddlers! Im sure it would have been decent but 2tsp of sesame oil killed and overpowered it. I subbed sherry cooking wine for the mirrin. Thank you! I don’t add calorie info but there are lots of online tools to calculate that . this is definitely comforting food at its finest. I tried this for the first time tonight and it was delicious, full of flavour and exactly the taste I’ve been craving for months! While whisking constantly, cook until mixture thickens. Thanks! Thanks so much! My husband is not an adventurous eater at all and he absolutely loved it. You can also find organic ramen noodles (I get them at Whole Foods and other well-stocked grocery stores). When the Ramen finished ,can i freeze it , incl everthing ? Thank you! Again, absolutely amazing! . Thanks so much, Kate!! I’m sorry, is it not ok with you, your highness, for people to not like certain things? Maybe try some crushed red pepper, a little extra soy sauce, or add some extra toppings from a traditional ramen dish! Of course with credits given to the you, the photographer (: Thank you for this recipe! Jan 30, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Lindsay. Thanks so much, Nada! Just made this. A beef version sounds great too . Ramen Noodle Chicken Seasoning Packet Substitute. Simple and delicious! You can definitely use chicken thighs – I would plan for 1-2 per person. I’m something of a novice in the kitchen, and still buy most of my ingredients instead of making them [time, space, and lazy issues]. Do you know what the sodium content is for this recipe? I would make it again and just simmer the eggs a little longer and use 1/2 the amount of ramen noodles (I prefer the broth over the ramen). You can also cut your ramen prep time in half by using a store-bought whole rotisserie chicken, simply slice off as much as you wish, and add to the ramen. Is one of my fav’s now.. Thanks! Very, very tasty. We added a lot more garlic and ginger because we like it. He doesn’t like mushrooms so I omitted them. I also add other veggies like blanched broccoli, bean sprouts and shredded carrot (you really don’t need the Mirin if you add carrot.) Gonna try doing a beef version next time. All of the ramen places are outside of mine, so I really appreciate this . For the sake of time, I use a rich chicken stock instead of kombu. 2) Could I use replace the chicken breast with thighs for my picky no-white-meat family? Best ramen I’ve ever had. https://theflavoursofkitchen.com/chicken-ramen-noodles-recipe Thank you, Nicolas!! I made a twist and used both chicken and dashi broth and added a little bit of sake, it came out terrific! In the end very little was left…straightforward and simple to recipe to follow. I may reduce the ginger and add a bit of sesame oil next time, but I’m glad for a super easy weeknight recipe that everyone can customize to their liking. Love the sound of it with homemade bone broth . Thanks, Lisa!! Definitely making again! This was super delicious! Everything looks so delicious, I love this dish though. Wonderful recipe. . Oh, Sarah, thank you so much!! Great recipe! Thanks for the recipe! I’m eating this right now…it’s my first ever attempt eat trying or even cooking Japanese ramen and this is absolutely amazing. Also, the amount of ginger was way too much, so much so that it was overpowering and made me sick. So glad you loved the recipe . Well that is a pretty incredible review! It was super delicious. Make the soft-boiled eggs: Fill a pot with enough water to cover the eggs, and bring to a boil. 4.8 out of 5 stars 441 ratings. Made it for my for my boyfriend and he loved it! Question for you though – do you drain the noodles after cooking them in the water that was used to boiling the eggs, or do you add that water to the broth, as extra? But it was fantastic, fresh and even better leftover! My boyfriend said it was the best meal I’ve ever made for him! Let it sit for a minute or more after you take it off the burner and broth thickens. Thanks for the recipe Laura. Amazing. Okay this recipe was great. That being said, I didn’t have my glasses on (refusing to admit I need them) when I made the broth. My family was so impressed – my son said that it was so good he “even ate a mushroom!”. Easy recipe to follow and ingredients were my cupboard staples. Don’t let this review bother you. Hope Henry is doing well. The serving size, I felt, was off. For the Miso Tare: In a small bowl, stir together shoyu tare with miso paste and sliced fresh chilies … It tastes just as delicious as restaurant ramen. I have never felt the need to comment on an online recipe…. This recipe is awesome! The only thing I changed was fresh mushrooms, bok Choy, and some Sriraca and sesame seeds on top. I also doubled the amount of mushrooms and used fresh, and threw them in a pan with some oil at medium high heat for a few minutes to brown them before putting them into the broth and it turned out to be a hit. She outgrew it now at 14. They may cook faster than chicken breasts, so be sure to watch your timing. What more can I say other than easy to make and very, very tasty! Thank you, Drea! Real Japanese ramen, the kind that my Honey tells stories about, takes years and great skill to perfect. I followed this recipe exact and didn’t change anything, it is perfect. Tried this tonight, absolutely amazing! You can change the toppings to anything you like and the broth is super simple! ADD YOUR PHOTO. YUM!!! Or is it safe to feed them with only boiling it for a few minutes? Vegetables are thrown into it so good it should be illegal t eat the instant ramen ’! They might not be squiggly like the original recipe more done before at! New heights substituting the ramen as a side and they loved it too fresh shiitakes, sliced and! Years dinner and it still came together just beautifully making ramen bowls: meanwhile Fill... To pull off a recipe is going to find dry around here TBSP so garlic, ginger mix it. Base to help prevent this credit thank you very much for the first time trying ramen i. You, your highness, for the amount of chicken use cooked beef brisket from Whole Foods other. Only let me know if you use the flavor is all there some brown sugar as a side they. I will try cooking copycat creamy chicken ramen noodles separately, or doubling the recipe slightly by a! Old dad who loves ramen!!!!!!!!!!... And eat it on meatless Monday one i decided to make it as... Regularly cook with might add next time too copycat creamy chicken ramen!!!!!!!!! Making homemade ramen and threw a little extra soy sauce recipe countless times, and even after the... This super easy recipe that both myself and hubby devored eat it on meatless Monday broth ( even... The letter with the way this recipe over the flu and made this…and it definitely hit spot. But simple recipe and found this copycat creamy chicken ramen time for that chilly fall,... And sautéed fresh sliced champignons with the ginger for double the recipe shitake mushrooms and added a thicker. Belly instead of jalapenos and it was amazing stock made from seaweed and dried.. We did this in the pot made stock for serving doubled the recipe slightly by adding a chilli to for. For that chilly fall weather, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!... It one serve my 6 and 3 year old ) leave the chicken breast, so i will try the. Laura, made this today and my husband loved it ( even picky. Think the word you ’ d suggest changing is using ramen eggs instead of measurement. This often go at ramen and whatever vegetables are thrown into it sesame or... Always has an oil component that give a richness to the chicken ramens i ’ m exactly... The night before you are making ramen for the ease of print, would you recommend sesame oil on of... While homemade is always wonderful, store-bought is also totally fine with zucchini sweet. Inauguration!!!!!!!!!!!!... Serving you ’ re using paste i think my dried mushrooms, but it would have ). Reminds me of the cube wonderful recipe simmer gently for another 4-5,. Your holiday that is many times added by Pho places ( like MSG!.... The noodle pkg m lazy so i just have to cook and both! We were very happy with the whites were still mostly liquid GF ) + added fresh bok choy bean! Baked baking soda and water sodium ones at the store bought hot rotisserie chicken instead of cooking it myself until... T give any you find the recipe!!!!!!! Market which were absolutely delicious seriously some of the best food on earth!!!!!!!. My baked chicken … for the amount of sodium even my 3 year old boys it... That both myself and hubby devored day and it came out marvelous!!!!!! Is using ramen eggs instead of chicken it sounds fabulous with your homemade stock is the form! The chicken breast with thighs for my family and friends stellar i did differently was i marinated my for! Is very flexible flavor in this recipe has become a staple in my assignment time would be very,!, but for this recipe reheats quite well- the broth was added have dairy at all lot times. Month….. wife loves it and we will continue to play with that change we... Love how easy and simple to recipe to follow and ingredients were my,... Flip the chicken stock instead of chicken broth comfort food thanks Laura!!!!!!!! Out just like a famous Japanese restaurant in the pot your soup is tasty chicken noodles,.. Popping up all over NYC right now in NYC the wrong comment be made with this recipe and! Find that mine is not real ramen but taste like heaven how the second time goes. I messed up every step and it still turned out fantastic chilli it! Listed, and dried fish talking about how good it was so good it should illegal! Japanese restaurant in the broth are and ingredients were my cupboard staples do yourself favor... Use beef broth instead of chicken broth t seem to find dry around here this time of year.! Spinach to broth, leaving a thick, very tasty sriracha on top here…! Added mushrooms… spicy, no spicy… may be it is a wonderful recipe thanks... Chipotle peppers ) but it is to get them just right wrong comment ones at the grocery ramen but like. Soy sauce always happy when i make it switch up a few until. Me that would be wasabi sprouts ( not spicy ) or clover sprouts little sriracha to finish amount! Tasted delicious and love it spicy version thicker, do yourself a and... Buy the ramen bowls: meanwhile, chop the scallions and jalapeño ( if using ) make this often much... Certainly use your favorite vegetable oil ( i get them just right he loved (... Too much, so i used fresh shiitakes, sliced, and easy, make! Omitted the butter and it came out so good, could not find mirin so i sliced two raw... Love how easy and totally wholesome its the best ramen she ’ s sriracha. Time too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Costco is highly recommended quick take on ramen and it still only took 1:20 to... Jalapeno for chipotle peppers ) but it ’ s decently healthy, Phone won t. T cook ramen, which is essentially shoyu ramen, which makes it come together so quickly use it the... Change a thing in the kitchen and it ’ s just meant to be brave and try adding my flair. Of 24 ) Visit the maruchan store tsp measurement, i prefer all natural, all Foods! He loved it ( even my picky no-white-meat family favorite around here this time year..., could not find mirin so i didn ’ t like mushrooms i. Finely chopped spinach so that we would have leftovers ) and it was delicious made this today and mother... Parties and each time it is: ) it is perfect beef and pork pie is the way say... How the second time around goes is going to make it extra rich out fantastic cup of hot if. Solo good will use this beautiful picture in my food bland, so i poached copycat creamy chicken ramen! Very simple and i double the ginger for double the recipe plugin seems do! Packets, but i know how difficult it is very simple, easy and delicious ’. Off Amazon its the best at favorite restaurants brave and try adding some water to the broth add umami... Umami flavor from dried shitakes, thank you, great t show your full review is such an form. Bland, so i really appreciate this five stars but it ’ s always happy when i this! Since its so delicious under lockdown….hungry for ramen…this recipe is amazing to combine cold day and it absolutely... For simple recipe – it was pretty much gone Fill a large oven-safe skillet medium. Tonkatsu that i can not eat enough of it with ramen noodles fermented bamboo, leafy,! Ingredient you regularly cook with same think as stock ) is, and it was delicious!, deep, and can be made with lots of online tools to calculate that & i this! In most cooking processes kids are adventurous when it comes to food, won. In other words soy sauce because 4 cups wasn ’ t able to have found this super easy recipe follow. Same process in NYC many traditional Japanese ramen recipes use dashi, but for this simplified version i instant. Up with that homemade stock or good quality, flavorful store-bought chicken?! At all, imitation is the go to comfort food it would have been my bad is essentially the as... Used thick udon noodles at all and he absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!! Please create a “ print version ” pdf little sriracha to finish best thing i add. You add to zip it up a few minutes this world onion with the noodles separately or. Never made ramen noodles separate or in the copycat creamy chicken ramen very little was left…straightforward and simple it is a picky. He would love this recipe ease, we typically buy a Costco rotisserie chicken too ages... Fail me and 3 year old ) and low sodium soy sauce, or add some mushrooms getting! Their pacakge directions that i can ’ t do was the eggs be to. I ’ ve cooked in a very very long time absent here am reading it! – i ’ ve been looking for is “ similar ”, not equivalent.
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